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Kai Wenas spielt Gitarre


I'm offering professional guitar lessons (electric and acoustic, nylon and steel stringed) in German or English with a main focus on pop and jazz music. The lessons will be set up according to your current level on the instrument and tweaked to your preferences. My goal as your teacher is to support YOU on your own journey and to help you achieve that goal.
We can... about chords other harmony, our thoughts on melody and improvisation,
...ruminate on feeling and phrasing
...or simply learn songs together!

Additional topics we can talk about include:

  • Guitar accompaniment for vocals
  • general music theory
  • aural training
  • prep for music studies
  • songwriting/composition
  • chords and the theory behind it
  • scales and the theory behind it
  • fingerpicking/fingerstyle guitar
... and more!
45€ /45 minutes 
125€ /month

GROUP SESSIONS (2 people)*
95€ /month/person

GROUP SESSIONS (3 people)*
75€ /Monat/Person

(One session a week, please consider national holidays and school vacations)
First trial session for free!

If you're interested simply send me an e-mail down below to make an appointment for our first trial session.

or click HERE for the contact form

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